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Bark for Success

Breeding and Reproductive Knowledge

Since 2001

Canine breeding services for breeding programs

BARK’s main objective is to provide canine breeding related services to increase successes with every step of your breeding program.   

 Whether you’re just starting out, or wanting to take your program to the next level, BARK combines the knowledge from 20 years as an RVT and nearly 20 years of breeding experiences. 

We are honored to guide you on your journey with mentorship, progesterone levels, and AI. 

(Coming soon- ultrasound pregnancy check & semen analysis!) 

Partnering with BARK is the logical next step to reaching your litter goals!   

Please feel free to contact us at 336.777.6967 or email

Weekend & evening hours available.   

BARK,LLC is proud to service Yadkin & surrounding counties.  



Progesterone evaluation

Using the latest equipment for evaluation, a small blood sample is collected and analyzed using our Bionote Vcheck 2000.   

*Evaluation pricing begins at $75

Brucellosis assay

Need piece of mind?  Same day results for Brucellosis evaluation.

*In house: $75
*purchase & perform: $60 

Pet Photography

Want to upgrade your website photos to show off your beauties?  Studio photography is a wonderful option for elegant & classy photos to really make your website stand out!   *All dogs must be fully vaccinated and have basic leash manners* 

Want vibrant photos to advertise your litter but struggle to achieve it?   Statistically, photos form initial opinions.  Don’t be sloppy with your online presence.  

24 hour turnaround on studio litter photography

*Studio Photography packages begin @$225

in-home tech appointments

Not a breeder but have a pet with needs? We can help you, too!
-House visits begin at $25.
-Nail trims
-Anal glands
-Sub Q fluid admin
… and more

*Pet sitting – availability limited, please inquire


In our facility, we can offer semen collection with the option for immediate AI, extending for shipping, and chilling for shipping.    *Shipping container does require a refundable $200 deposit*. Shipping costs are not included in collection price.    

*Collection pricing begins at $125

Relaxin/Pregnancy assay

Beginning day 21, it’s possible to detect relaxin (the pregnancy hormone) via a small blood sample.   Tests can be purchased or can be performed in house.   *Recommend days 25-30 for efficacy*

*In house: $55
*purchase & perform: $40


Need a pep talk every now & then?  Someone to guide you during your first late night delivery?   Unsure of effective parasite control protocols?  Then this portion is perfect for you!

*Mentorship pricing begins @$225

Would you like a free consultation?


BARK,LLC is proud to service Yadkin & surrounding counties.  

BARK, LLC is not a veterinary service. 
BARK, LLC IS NOT intended to determine, diagnose, or treat medical illness or injury.
BARK, LLC is not provided to eliminate or disregard veterinarian care and guidance.
BARK, LLC is intended to be a tool to use in conjunction with appropriate veterinary care.